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The Free Monthly Healings I’ve been doing have been so popular, I’ve decided to offer weekly healings, in addition to the monthly healings, at a very low price.  For only $28 per month, you will receive a distance healing each week, usually on Sunday night...that’s about $7 per healing!  You can also interact with me and have your questions answered on my Facebook page.  Membership is month to month...there is no contract, no long-term may cancel any time.  Why not give it a try?

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Weekly Healing for One Person
Only $28.00 per month!
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Healing for Yourself and up to Four Family Members
Only $56 per month!

Weekly Healing Group

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Try it Now! Only $1.00 for the First Month!

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Learn Reiki, Learn to Heal Yourself and others... from Home

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Here’s what some of my people are saying about my group distance healings:

**My knees are healed and my arthritis is gone.

**I was able to walk into Church this am without crutches or a walker, something I haven't been able to do for months now.

**Im bipolar and I’ve been having an episode all day I feel ok now like my coping skills are kicking in a again and I can get back to being positive. Thank you :)

**I couldn't really walk or bend my right knee~was afraid that i would have to start taking that Gout medicine again (awful side effects), but it got better! (snap) just like that**

**I am amazed that at least 3 times this week I have slept for 8 hours!  So, for any who aren't sure about Reiki that fact alone is testament of Reiki's healing power as I have for over 35 years had a "sleep disorder" . Usually I get 2 to 4 hours of sleep.

**Jeff! Did you do something extra special for me last night? I feel great today! Emotionally and physically!

**Thank You. I really needed it . I had a headache then it just disappeared. I feel great. Have a great weekend!

**Thank you. although I was not aware what time you sent out healing I'm sure it blessed many.  I for one awoke this morning to realize a constant knee pain had subsided.. Thank you!

**Thank you, slept like a baby!

**My left ankle and foot had been bothering me for the past week. And now the pain is gone.

**First I want to just tell you all that Thes (a horse which had a gruesome injury) can be taken off the healing list now. The owner states that another horse had nearly same injury and Thes, (thanks to Jeff's Reiki ) has healed in half the time . No operations required, no infection in the bone. She sends her deepest gratitude.  Secondly, I'm a Reiki II channel and have joined Jeff's weekly Reiki healings mainly just for the experience and to study if any effects. I'm keen to see where it takes me as there is something happening. Blocks have been lifted and I feel there will be change happening. Will report on more as it comes. I had a period of two weeks where I seemed to experience extreme anger and discontent but now I'm feeling calm, awaiting for The Universe to present the next step.  I'd encourage anyone to join the list, it is really worth the money.

What are you waiting for? Only $1.00 for the first month, then $28.00/mo   Cancel Any Time. 

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