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*Distance Attunement - Attunements are a necessary part of the process for the techniques in the video to be effective.  All attunements are 100% guaranteed to work.  An attunement is needed for each level of Reiki.  A level 2 attunement will typically allow you to channel a much higher level of healing energy than level 1.  Each person using this coursework will need an attunement. If you’d like to share this with a friend or loved one, please email me prior to purchase.

Master Level. Take your Reiki to the Maximum!  In your Master course, you’ll be given the Master Attunement, which will open your healing channels even further.  You’ll also be given two Master Symbols and you’ll be shown how to pass attunements on to others, both in person and from a distance.  If your life changed after levels 1 & 2, get ready to take a quantum leap!

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*Please note...Successful completion of Reiki Level 1 & 2 (and certification) is required to take the Master Course.  I will honor previous training with other Master Teachers.  You cannot order the Master Course on this website...this course is offered with Instructor’s approval only.  Please email me to request Master Training.

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Certification testing is included with your Master Course.  We will meet up on Skype or Facetime for your test.  Test is pass/fail...If you don’t pass the first time, you can test again...there is a $25 re-test fee if necessary.

I take certification very seriously and you should too.  Certification will allow you to perform Reiki on others as a profession in most areas (check your local ordinances if you’re unsure), and will also allow you to teach Reiki to others.

Please email me to schedule your certification