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*The lump in my stomach disappeared

*My health is great & I have so much energy

*As I have taken the time to heal myself, everything around me seems to be healed/healing also...the Energy seems to be vibrating out from my sphere. Even world issues that I am personally concerned about seem to be healing! Wow amazing stuff!!

*My children all seem to be even happier than there were before

*My relationships have healed, & those that were no longer serving my highest good have simply dissolved harmoniously 

*My finances have improved, because I now have a much greater self-worth

*I have a myriad of new people & new experiences in my life, now that I have released ALL of that old crap!

*My business has dramatically improved as I have now let more energy flow

*I have several new businesses in the works...(all of my projects involve ‘Light-work)

*I have written a book and a set of 15 children’s books...& it only took me 37 minutes to attract the right Illustrator! (7 people offered!)

*I have just watched the Level 2 DVD which arrived a few days ago, and wow, it was really fantastic, & very powerful. You have given me a deep understanding of Reiki, and the attunements were wonderful.  Thank you!  When you said at the end of the DVD,  ”Congratulations, you are now Reiki Level 2 Practitioners”, I actually became a little emotional. My life has changed so rapidly since allowing Reiki into my life on the 19th October 2013!

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