The average person’s DNA is only functioning at 30% of its’ capability.  There is hope though.  Society is beginning to wake up and more and more people are waking up on our path to enlightenment, which raises our vibration and our DNA.  As a result, the children these days are being born using approximately 35% of their DNA’s capabilities.  Have you noticed the children today are different than in previous generations? We can also actively raise our DNA and as we do, our bodies can heal, the way they were designed.

Healing Meditation

Healing can take place on many levels.  No single technique is right for everyone.  My healing journey has taken me to sample many modalities over the years.  I see each modality as another tool in my healing toolbox.  In this recording, I combine my experience in DNA healing with Theta Healing to help you raise the functionality of your DNA.  Raising the efficiency of your DNA, even for very short periods can trigger healing at very profound levels.  Furthermore, raising your vibration in such a manner, even temporarily, will raise your vibration permanently in small increments.  This recording is designed to do just that.

My Healing Meditation also includes Theta music and a series of healing affirmations, which will have much greater effect than stating affirmations during your normal waking state.  Healing affirmations at Theta level are like AFFIRMATIONS ON STEROIDS!

You will receive two recordings to download, a 15 minute healing meditation, and an additional 30 minute Theta meditation, which you can use for any purpose that you desire.  Receive both recordings for only $19.95!


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